(Headstock) breaking news!
Gibson headtsock breaking sensor

Gibson headtsock breaking sensor

Today Gibson announced that they’ve developed a tiny microchip to be mounted into the headstock of every new Gibson guitars. The chip has GPS, breaking┬ásensors and wi-fi.

When a Gibson guitar headstock breaks off (that is a rather frequent incident due to the company refuses to use neck volute or any form of proper reinforcement) the chip will send a report to the company using the next available free wi-fi hotspot.
Gibson lawyers are researching the opportunities how to collect commission using the transmitted data after every fixed broken headstock from luthiers and guitar techs because they make a benefit earning a reliable income with such repairs.
“It’s not fair” told Gibson spokesman to the media “that luthiers harvest all the fruits of our broken headstocks. They should share it with us!”
(Don't be an April fool!) ­čÖé
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